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    Given that there aren’t any real examples in this post, I find this rather lacking in any value. Its a lot of handwaving that people can interpret pretty much however they want.

    There is no discussion of the tradeoffs you will be making by not using interfaces etc. Eliminating dependencies is often a very very good thing. Shallow hand waving like this, meh.

    Sad to see something like this make it onto the front page.

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      I mostly agree, although I found it quite thought provoking and led me onto the no-mock articles linked near the end. I think the author glosses over the fact that decreasing duplication inevitably leads to increasing dependencies and coupling. I value low coupling more than removing every instance of duplication.

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      With the Dependency Elimination Principle, we change our default to treat dependencies as code smells. This doesn’t mean we won’t have dependencies. It just means our default is to treat them as code smells. This new default forces us to examine why we need each dependency and how to eliminate each.

      I love it.