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      oooh I see myself on lobsters too!

      Amusing observation: most my posts get maybe one or two responses. Sometimes a retweet on the twitter but almost never posted to other websites. This one I’ve now seen translated to Russian, posted to reddit, and posted here. (Of course, I don’t even post to the D forum very often, I just do randomly in case there’s a new someone who might be interested, and for this one I did do that myself.)

      Most my posts are probably fairly boring. I sometimes rant, but more often or not, it is an auto-generated boilerplate listing coupled with a fairly quick update on what I’m hacking together in my D libraries… if I actually write any real content at all. Some of them I actually do go kinda all-out on and spend several hours writing up… but they also tend to get maybe one or two responses.

      This particular post I personally considered to be somewhere in the middle - a bit more than auto-generated bare minimum, but also tbh kinda a low effort post. The constructor argument syntax was new to me so I wanted to call out that corner of the spec, then filled in the rest with just some basic examples essentially to pad for length and maybe fill in a few of the gaps for people unfamiliar with the feature at all.

      So I’m actually kinda surprised it seems to be one of the more popular posts. Perhaps just because it is more approachable than the esoteric quirks I often go on about so often.

      Reminds me too on stack overflow, I’ve spent hours on individual answers there too before and get like one upvote. It took a while to dig into the problem and figure it out and apparently it was just the asker who was interested. On the other hand, my post popular post there, with like 200 points, was a fairly generic knowledge dump about UTF-8 that I didn’t think much of when writing. (this is why I’m always skeptical of these upvote systems and try not to pay them too much heed…. but I’d be lying if I said I don’t refresh reddit to see the fake internet points count whenever I post there…)