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    Anyone want to take a guess at what the rocket logo is in the screenshot? I wonder if they are planning on launching a deployment service of some kind.

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      It’s a link to our Admin page. Nothing exciting :)

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        Oh well, still a great blog post. Are any components, such as the graph dashboard, open source?

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          Can’t answer for github, but they mentioned graphite, which is commonly used with statsd to generate realtime graphs. Posts by etsy, shopify and 37signals

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            Most of the data is just hijacked from other gems like rack-bug or pulled from Graphite and added to our bar.

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            How about the nav button to the left of “Code”? Or the “search or type a command”?

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          Makes me jealous. I would love to build tooling like this, never worked for an employer that valued these things enough to let me do it.

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            If it’s worth it, find the time. You may just inspire the ones making the decisions of what is ‘value’.

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              There is always a balance to made between investing in infrastructure and banging out the minimal set of things to take you where you need to be next. It’s also very difficult to know what is the best move to make at any given time. In my experience some organizations more heavily favor infrastructure investment (e.g. github) while others do not. If you’re in an organization that is biased against infra development then you’re going to need to work hard to sell your ideas…

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                Infrastructure at my company isn’t the highest on the list of things to do. It’s sad to say we’ve had to almost fight to get time to maintain infrastructure. Maybe it’s because I’m young and dumb but I’m working on tooling exactly like this post funnily enough. It needs to be done but it’s not exactly “my task for the week”. If anything I’ll write it off as a cost of making my future tasks easier to solve.

                I’m not exactly “selling” the idea, it seems I’m doing it for free.

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            OT: What browser is that in the screen shots?