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I’m still not sure why we don’t have a CSS tag… sighs


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    “The default status of features is nonexistent.” - Raymond Chen

    From a casual look, it does indeed appear that there are a lot of articles specifically about CSS, and also a lot of articles about the web in general, which strongly suggests the tag would be useful. Feel free to propose it in a meta thread.

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      Will do. I was hesitant to because it’s been brought up before and hasn’t gotten much support, but maybe times have changed to where it makes more sense to more people.

      EDIT: submitted: https://lobste.rs/s/icharj/css_tag_proposal

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      I find this separation of levels to be strange especially in a world where html is now a single evolving standard. It does make sense to separate between two different standards of the same feature, but to separate between different entire sets of standards seems pointless. The browsers certainly have no expectations to make distinctions between the different levels as they develop the same browser versions based on different levels of features.

      Maybe at one time it worked as a good shorthand to describe generally the progress of many different features, but maybe there needs to be a more sophisticated way of describing the state of features in a shorthand way.

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        Not relevant anymore, but I believe quirks mode in older IEs based itself on the separation levels.