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    Some helpeful people on Reddit pointed out that there’s actually an even easier way to achieve this functionality that makes use of built-in depth test functionality with OpenGL/WebGL: https://old.reddit.com/r/threejs/comments/xpecac/speeding_up_threejs_with_depthbased_fragment/iq4t2hz/

    I tried it out in my project (took 10 mins to get working) and it seems to have improved performance by another 10-15% on top of the previous gains!

    I’ll be updating my blog post to reflect this and probably writing a follow up post as well.

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      Includes a quite good overview of various types of culling techniques in general.

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        Had to view it in Chrome to get the demos to work. Apart from that, great article.

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          Oh that’s annoying, I’ll see if I can fix that. Ty for letting me know!