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    Probably unrelated but I really like Firefox’s reader mode for reading pages without the JS and CSS. It also works, and where I find it most useful, to render news stories and escape the JavaScript paywall.

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      Somewhat relatedly, Maciej Cegłowski’s classic Chickenshit Minimalism.

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        So trying this at home, his prolog html used <!doctype><html> which renders incorrectly in Firefox Dev Edition. I found that changing that to <!doctype html><html> seems to work.

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          Correct, <!doctype> is not a proper doctype string. <!doctype html> lets the browser know you’re using HTML5.

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          I assume CPython is being benchmarked here, what is the performance difference vs pypy?

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            More generally it’s weird to measure by performance when that wasn’t something you built for in the first place.

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              I imagine he’s just noting it because it was probably a visible difference.

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            This is a brilliant idea; I’m going to have to play with the source after I get out of work.

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              reminds me of proxomitron, a popular page-rewriting proxy from back in the windows era.