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    Paul says that he could only get WebIDE to work in Firefox 48, but I found that Firefox 59 also worked (per the KaiOS developer guide). So let’s use that.

    Benefit of using 48 is that you match the browser version of the target KaiOS device.

    If your app does not work on your local Gecko 48, there’s no need to test on the actual device.

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      The article mentioned that KaiOS supported CSS Grid and FF48 didn’t, so maybe it’s a good idea to check even if it doesn’t work on FF48 on your computer.

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        Yeah, good point! KaiOs is Gecko48, so the software is the same but not the configuration. You’d probably have to flip some prefs for exact parity. CSS Grid, from your example, is available in Firefox 48 but disabled unless the user changes layout.css.grid.enabled. There’s probably a way to get all prefs that KaiOS sets…

        Update: There are also some bugs with CSS Grid support in versions prior to Firefox/Gecko 53 and it does not support Subgrid. See footnote 4 at https://caniuse.com/#search=css%20grid