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    an aside, but it’s super weird that programs can detect if output is being redirected.

    “It’s all text” really ends up generating a bunch of weird hacks doesn’t it

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      “It’s all stdout” really. The hacks are there precisely because it’s not all text :)

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        I was curious about that too.
        Edit: Ahh, found it:

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        Looking for zeroes… I take note of the trick!

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          This is the same trick that GNU grep uses as well, although I don’t know its origins. IIRC, GNU grep checks for a zero byte anywhere in the file.

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            Openbsd grew does the same. There were some experiments with more elaborate checks, but they tended to fail in weird ways. A zero byte check turns out to be pretty reliable.

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          Thank goodness. This updated behaviour is a lot more sensible.

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