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    hi raymii, i remain so curious about this project.

    i have questions… or just vague generalized confusions. i get that TT-rss together with Readability is the best way to read RSS. i can get behind that. i clicked around and tried to figure out the point of all this for a buffoon like me. i am down with the basic idea. maybe i am missing something?

    it seems a bit unfinished. is that incorrect? the project is so so cool. I am not trying to call you out since I know this is just a project. But um uh is what i see in Burrow on Chrome at gopher://txtn.ws the um uh end result? there are some of those things where apostrophes turn into a%*s or whatever… even in the lobsters-translated-into-RSS feed… there are some links that lead to nothing or take a few clicks…

    when you, raymii, view what you, raymii, view, however you actually view it, how do you do that? is the tool supposed to be the screenshots? the good ones with the dates and whatnot i mean? well so, how do you get to that stage? you know?

    thanks for tolerating my unmitigated stupidity in this regard, i remain faithfully yours and so, so curious

    btw lastly i think the whole thing of having 944 feeds, or however many feeds, is kind of silly but not in a bad way. i mean i see it as the beginning of something, not as the end goal like “yay i have more than i can read,” but more like, “yay i can figure out how expose this annoyingly infinite knowledge in such a way that it is digestible.”

    i mean i think it highlights an interesting problem, namely, “how, in a world of huge amounts of information, does one get to the root of an issue and get multiple perspectives and generally do the New Media thing where you judge sources and their reliability and so on?”

    so i think this project of yours could be the base for something larger, something that does more than merely aggregate, but something that displays in a(n) (oh, how I hate the word!) “objective” way the various not-really-easily-made-non-subjective things that happen

    i mean for example, some news comes out, in multiple media outlets, and those are grouped and you can say, oh, I want the Ars Technica supposedly l33t hacker version of this, or oh, i want the ridiculous promotional version of it on the pretend-indie-web corporate blog, or oh, i want the sage commentary by e.g. nickpsecurity on some obscure Lobste.rs-like forum version of this, or oh, i want them all at once

    i mean if we can’t have Xanadu today why even bother breathing and eating, it’s practically 2020 already!

    anyway you probably didn’t have all that verbiage or nonsense in mind when you posted this, sorry-not-sorry but i just wanted to enliven these comments along with the obligatory upvote for your exciting work

    regards, lettucehead