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This is my first time posting anything like this—if it flops horribly I’ll refrain from doing so in the future. ?


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    Seems like developing VCS systems is getting en vogue again. Are people getting bored with Git?

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      Author here: The problem is two-fold.

      Because nearly everyone experiences Git through the lens of GitHub they become reliant on centralized features like Pull Requests, Issues, Reviews, etc. My goal is to take those features and make them possible to be performed in a distributed manor, in the true spirit of DVCS.

      Secondly, (and this very much in the works) because Git requires a full checkout of the entire repository history it precludes some projects from using it. I envision an optional feature that will only download the needed files for the current checkout, and it will download additional files as-needed from a network of peers (think torrents).

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        Distributed usage — like Linus Torvalds (the author of Git) does pull requests (emails with https:// branch URLs), like Bugs Everywhere allows for storing issue tracking information in Git, and like Ikiwiki allows for wiki?

        Or like Fossil integrates DVCS, Wiki, Issue tracking, Web UI — all in one binary?

        I think if you want to integrate everything and be simple to use, feature parity with Git is a red herring, you want to present the features in a way that is very inconvenient to compare with Git anyway (just because you want to invent some structure which will not match).

        A good model for lazy checkouts would be nice; it would be separately very nice if checking out one subdirectory and committing to it would not strictly require fetching more than its content and the file lists of all the higher level directories (Subversion feature parity, at last!).