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    Needs to be updated, apparently:


    Edit apparently the actual release is on that date, there will be no further development after 1 Jan 2020.


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      To repeat myself again: This ought to be only for CPython, and not for interpreters like PyPy which are not following the Python Software Foundation’s deprecation schedule. Quoting again from an old PyPy blog post:

      PyPy’s own position is that PyPy will support Python 2.7 forever—the RPython language in which PyPy is written is a subset of 2.7, and we have no plan to upgrade that.

      I continue to be deeply disappointed in the ethics of the Python Software Foundation for their decades-long snub of PyPy, Jython, and the rest of the alternative interpreter ecosystem.

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        I continue to be deeply disappointed with PyPy, and the rest of the bloody ecosystem’s, perverse and unhealthy obsession with sticking to Python 2 forever.

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          Then use PyPy for Python 3.6. Additionally, you could roll up your sleeves and help maintain PyPy. The problem is not the deprecation of Python 2 as much as the continued shunning of PyPy.

          In a prior life, I recall demonstrating that PyPy could keep pace with your handwritten C++ and C♯ code, in the context of homebrewed Minecraft servers. I wonder how much of your disappointment is sour grapes.

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