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    From CNN:

    The charges relate to alleged conduct occurring between July 2014 and July 2015.

    The indictment

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      Ok, a bit weird, why did they redact the name of his co-conspirator?

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        Perhaps they acted as an informant?

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        I don’t know how much damage (i.e. the total of the thievery) the people who used Kronos caused but $2000 seems to be a pitiful sum. I’m just surprised at this number. In my mind malware would be something you’d be selling for like $50000 or $100000.

        From http://money.cnn.com/2017/08/03/technology/wannacry-bitcoin-ransom-moved/index.html I see the total take looks like $140000, which I guess is a high return for the investment ($2000) and who ever sold Kronos didn’t want to deal with the risk of the actual crime. It’s just such small potatoes to say other ventures.

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          WanaCry isn’t derived from Kronos, and that sale has nothing to do with it.

          I read elsewhere that Kronos “licenses” used to sell for $5000-$7000.

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          News spam, light on details. This might be interesting in a few months when more is known, but right now breahtless Vice pieces are just clutter.

          Please don’t feed the news monster.

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              Was there a duplicate? I did a search and did hit any. Guess we can call in a mod and ask for merging but link to the other story.

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                Not much more info, my same grumping carries.

                News spam is still news spam.