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    I’ve set up Freenet nodes at various points. Two impressions that have NOTHING to do with the tech itself and I will freely admit that up front:

    1. Oy vais the pedos! Not unlike Tor, pedos LOVE Freenet. I get that you have to take the good with the bad, and censorship free means censorship FREE, but anything that violates informed consent makes me want to HURL. Or scream. Or… Something :(
    2. Running a Freenode node is BIG. It’s seriously heavyweight. Takes quite a while to spin up. Not a trivial investment.

    I’ll stick with IPFS, thanks.

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      When was the last time you ran it? The daemon starts and connects to the network quickly these days. You can browse the bookmark sites pretty much straight away. Or do you mean something else by taking quite a while to spin up.

      Regarding 1, There should be no such content linked from any of the default bookmarks. Sone, the distributed micro-blogging tool, is free of it as well. On FMS, the message board, you’ll only see the content you want to see by subscribing to the boards that you want.

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        Sounds like it’s come a LONG way! Honestly it was several years back. I’ve always been interested in P2P censorship resistant software so I put the significant effort in of setting up a node.

        As I mentioned above I found it rather unrewarding :) I’ll give it another look!

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          It has improved a lot over the last couple of years. It still has a lot of rough points but people are keen to fix them. The Freenet Social Media Guide has details on the various additional tools and programs.