1. 6

Sophia is an embeddable, transactional key-value database.

It has unique architecture that was created as a result of research and reconsideration primary algorithmic constraints of Log-file based data structures, such as LSM-tree. (see architecture)

Sophia is designed for fast write (append-only) and read (range query-optimized, adaptive architecture) small to medium-sized key-values.

  • Full ACID compliancy
  • Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) engine
  • Pure Append-Only
  • Multi-databases support (Single environment and WAL)
  • Multi-Statement and Single-Statement Transactions (SERIALIZED view, multi-databases)
  • Multi-threaded (Client access and Engine scalability)
  • Consistent Cursors
  • Point-in-Time Snapshots
  • Asynchronous Online/Hot Backup
  • Easy to use (Clean and functional API)
  • Easy to integrate (Native support of using as storage engine)
  • Easy to write bindings (FFI-friendly, API designed to be stable in future)
  • Easy to built-in (Amalgamated, only two C files needed for work)
  • Implemented as small C-written library with zero dependencies
  • BSD Licensed