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Maybe this is too non-technical, but it is interesting that Facebook seems to be such a powerful vehicle for spreading lies and creating anger.


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    But unruly and violent or not, the movement is popular: 72% of the country currently supports it. French unions are announcing their support. And they’ve now also forced President Macron into a corner. France’s prime minister, Édouard Philippe, announced Tuesday that fuel tax increases would be suspended for six months as the country deals with the situation.

    If 72% of the population supports violent protests, the anger was already there. Maybe that specific change to facebook’s algorithm happened to spark it, but so could a hundred other things.

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      The interesting thing is the huge platform for just nutty angry stuff: anti-vaxxers, fake stories,…

      According to Ludosky’s Facebook page, she spent the summer on Facebook sharing links to various aromatherapy products and promoting her Change.org petition.


      According to the about page for “Citizens in Anger,” its true goal is to defend France against a Masonic cabal of global bankers who control France. It currently has 15,000 members.

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      Such a bad article that just wants to go for attacking the easy target (Facebook) instead of actually recognising the problem (making people’s connections easier can be both good and bad).