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    Wow, this is a really comprehensive list. Wonderful post.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about ML, but is a bit shaky on a particular prerequisite topic, or indecisive about a particular source of information, or is unsure about estimating how long it will take to learn a set of topics, I suggest checking out metacademy, I recently stumbled across it on hn. Here’s a pretty thorough walk through: http://www.metacademy.org/roadmaps/rgrosse/bayesian_machine_learning. The (3) “roadmap” sections of the site are really nice, and seem to be thoughtfully curated. There’s also an overall list page and a search page to find individual topics.

    It’s geared towards making curated syllabi for topics http://www.metacademy.org/about. But right now it pretty much only has stuff on machine learning. It’s opensource and I really like it so I thought I’d shamelessly plug it.