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    Is this series never going to end? Is msdn sponsoring lobsters?

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      It’s sponsored by a nostalgia of the Alpha that I never had, but always wanted. Also because Raymond Chen is excellent.

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        There used to be a company selling Sparc, Alpha, HP unix boxes at surprisingly low prices. They don’t sell hardware anymore.

        The Alpha is an interesting evolution of ‘simple’ RISC (i.e., MIPS), but it does not get a weird as the IBM RISC got.

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          eBay for now. Surprising enough, the Alpha’s, POWER, and SPARC’s were priced above modern servers last time I wanted one of the higher-end of 2 CPU boxes. Whereas, I later found a bunch of Itanium servers from SGI for around $130 each.

          Havent checked on any of these in a while outside POWER7-8 servers to guess at how cheap Raptor might get. Or not haha.