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    In the future, please link directly to the paper instead of the blog which links to the paper.

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      It would be useful to me to know why this was downvoted for incorrect / troll. I find it useful for the actual paper to be linked to, if the author just writes the abstract on the blog. I am aware that the blogger is the author of the paper, but the blog doesn’t seem to add anything.

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        I didn’t vote on your comments, but I found the blog to serve the purpose of letting folks know that the paper is a draft.

        Also, seeing a huge spike on their Google analytics page (which they probably wouldn’t be able to access on an edu hosted pdf) is probably some nice motivation to continue the work.

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      There were a few talks at RICON West that might be of interest if you’re not intimately familiar with LVars and CRDTs (or perhaps even if you are):


      Basho’s Riak is a nice real-world example of CRDT usage outside of academia in general.