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Not asking for any particular reason, I just know it’s a chore to keep the site running. Let us know if there’s a way we can help out!

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    The last couple months I’ve gotten back to my usual habit of working on Lobsters every Wednesday and one of Saturday or Sunday morning and I’ve been working through the backlog. The current open PRs are mostly ones where I’ve requested changes or posted questions but the author hasn’t responded. I realize that after a few weeks it’s unlikely their author returns, but I’m loathe admit it and close them.

    If you have spare attention and would like to learn the codebase, I’d love more dev help. Aside from the bugs that have built up, I’ve been trying to post issues where I see projects with pretty crisp boundaries. Recently, that’s:

    That last one is new this morning and the largest of these, I figured it was worth trying one that’s a vertical slice from db perf up to user-visible UI redesign.

    I’ve also tagged a few dozen issues with good first issue if they don’t require particularly deep knowledge of the site norms or have interactions between tricky parts of the codebase.

    I’m in the chat room most all workdays and happy to chat about these or other issues, help you get a dev env set up, or plan stuff. I also have another few dozen ideas of varying sizes that I can pull from my to-do list, so if there’s a particular part of the site or type of project you’re interested in, I can likely find a project.

    Thanks for offering!

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