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    As someone who’s been thinking of trying out Plan 9, this seems to indicate there has never been a better time to do it.

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      I wasn’t able to gather if the source release is usable or not, seeing that it is 20 years old.

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        It appears that there’s a raspberry pi image available, as well as others. Take a look under Download on the webpage http://p9f.org/

        Edit: there are more images here: http://9legacy.org/download.html

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      I hope this might lead to a relicensing of Plan9 to a more liberal license than GPL. Many forks already did that maybe a newer license could bring back some unity

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          Why would that matter? Linux is under the GPL and it seems to do just fine. In fact, for an operating system it feels like the GPL might be the best option to prevent fragmentation and incompatibility.

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            The problem is that several Plan 9 forks license their contributions under a different license so up until now there’s no unity and that kinda sucks to check which part of the code is under which license

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              Oh, gotcha, that’s unfortunate!

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            I don’t think that would help anything: folks who refuse to contribute their changes to the rest of the community (as required by the GPL) are unlikely to contribute those changes to the rest of the community when no longer so required.

            Sure, things like the BSDs exist, but their ecosystem is far, far smaller than the GNU ecosystem.

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              That would be an issue for a usual open source project. The status of the plan 9 and its forks is: there are forks, with the plural ‘s’. Allow me to rephrase your statement: folks who refuse others’ changes are unlikely to accept those changes no matter what license they use.

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            I somehow was under the impression that 9front was the current locus of Plan 9 development activity.

            Is that incorrect?

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                9front is a fork of plan9. It is active, yes, but so is 9legacy.

                9front also has questionable ethics and “flavourful” aesthetic.

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                  9front also has questionable ethics

                  If you are referring to the (breathtakingly tasteless) image that they had in their FQA file, it is gone. That is good. I think it was a terrible idea but I do not think it was in any way an endorsement of what it depicted. I think some people just have a very much more robust idea of what is funny or acceptable than others.

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                  It is an oversimplification, at least.

                  In addition to 9front and 9legacy, I am aware of:

                  The latter 2 are certainly active, but all other than 9atom seem to be to some degree.

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                  I’m not sure if this is part of the transition, but upon looking through some of the plan9 documentation it appears that a chunk of it is served from (or at least was served from) http://plan9.bell-labs.com/sys/doc. These files do not appear to exist anymore.

                  I don’t personally know who to contact to fix this issue, but am assuming that some crustacean would know where to bring that info :)