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Rumoured happenings include the new iPhone 7 and new Apple Watch, with:

  • Removed headphone jack. How will Apple sell this? To make more space for other components, to improve waterproofing? Either way, it also seems like Apple will include wireless earbuds in the box.

  • Dual cameras on the 7 Plus. What will be the purpose? Stereoscopic images? A lens that’s zoomed in? How will they sell it only being on the Plus, if it is?

  • How will they sell the new Watch? As an every device, or as a fitness device?

  • iOS 10 release, possibly.

  • Nothing iPad wise, it seems.

  • It seems possible macOS “Sierra” will be released, but no new Mac hardware at this event. The new Mac hardware is rumoured to happen in October.

I’ll try to liveblog it all for you!


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    The stream is starting.

    • I missed the few seconds, but it Tim’s singing in a car with his valet? Oh, it’s that guy from the Apple ratio station? Now they’re sassing Siri. Is this what sitcoms are like to Apple marketing? Now Pharrell Williams is in the backseat. Now they’re wearing glasses with blinds?

    • Tim on stage. Oh, it was about a TV show on iTunes.

    • Apple Music getting an update. Apple mentions a love for Music, though Apple Records might have disagreed. Their subscriber count has grown in the millions, (17M) as well as their song library. They mention the redesigned UI for iOS 10 that was mentioned in the previous talk. Apple Music has exclusives, particularly new songs that have timed exclusivity. Apparently, they have a festival in London. You can watch it on a live stream when it starts in ~2 weeks.

    • App store. Apps are great! It’s changed your world! 140B app downloads. Crazy growth: 106% in downloads of July to August. 2x revenue more than the next competitor (implied Google) - why devs care to go iOS first. iOS devices are the most popular gaming devices in the world. 500K games in the store.

    • Who’s coming to the app store? Mario! Nintendo is coming to the app store, and Miyamoto has come up to the stage. He announces the goal of iPhone. He’s now switching to Japanese. We want many as possible to play Mario games, and it first comes with iOS. The new game is Super Mario Run. (Sounds like an endless runner?) He explains the intuitiveness of Mario games. It is an endless runner. It plays like a Mario game, just with one pressure-sensitive input. And it automatically runs. There’s a new gamemode called “Toad Rally.” It’s a competitive variation of the preceding game. It rewards collecting items and ballsy moves until time runs out to beat other people. The coins in game can be used to customize the game. No IAPs, just one up-front price. Will release within holiday season. (And stickers for iOS 10, if you care about that.)

    • Tim back. Onto education. Apple mentions their dedication to education. Apple announces an effort to join a program (ConnectED) to get technology in underprivileged classrooms. Teachers are on stage soon. All 144 schools Apple are supporting are getting thousands of MacBooks, iPads, and Apple TVs in schools. Teachers mentioning that this effort is improving the classroom and engagement. Everyone can code! It teaches Swift to children in a simple and fun way, using Swift Playgrounds. Many schools are already starting to teach using this. iWork getting mentioned, not just for edu, but for everything else. Susan (for apps) on stage.

    • Pages/Numbers/Keynote getting some love? They mention the difficulty of collaboration tools, especially in education. Now iWork has real-time collaboration. Mac and iOS, and web get this. They’re giving a demo live in prod, using this very slide deck. (This deck was built with it, now they’re using it right now again.) You’ll see their actions with a small coloured bubble.

    • Watch. The first one shipped 18 months ago. You can get notifications and pay for things. Fitness is another obvious application. With Apple Watch beat everyone but Rolex sales wise - that’s real watches, not smartwatches. Also the #1 smartwatch. Also #1 in customer satisfaction. Jeff Williams on stage. In June, they previewed watchOS 3, with instant launching. a dock, fitness info sharing, improved APIs, a Zen app, emergency services, better messaging, Graffiti-like input, (that works in Chinese) and improved watch faces.

    • Pokémon GO is now on the watch. John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, on stage. 500M people walked around a lot. Now the Pokémon GO app has a pocketable dedicated HUD device. Pokémon GO can also integrate better into your daily routine while encouraging exploration on the watch. It integrates right into the watch face and fitness features, for finding Pokémon, hatching eggs, and managing stops. They’re demoing the new Watch app. Will ship before end of year.

    • Jeff back. Watch: it’s a pretty cool thing, he says. Watch [Series] 2! Fluff video! Waterproofing it there, it seems, as is navigaton. Video ends. Yeah, it’s now swimming-proof, with 50M water resistance, as is the standard for dive watches. It’s hard to get that though, considering the ingresses for water on smartwatches. They sealed most of the points except the speaker, so they made the speaker eject the water. They built a simulator for long-term water immersion, simulating years of swimming. Calculating fitness data for swimming is also hard, but they apparently figured it out, and created various workouts for various water situations.. They watch with learn your fitness data and customize the workouts for you. S2 System in Package. 50% dual-core, new GPU with 2x speed. Apps can take full advantage of this new GPU, such as the constellation app “Night Sky.” There’s also a new display that’s twice as bright - the brightest display Apple shipped period, at 1000 nits. The watch is more autonomous - now it has GPS, which improves tracking (for apps and fitness) without the phone.

    • Hannah Catmur of Viewranger on stage. It’s a hiking app for the watch. The various paths are cached without data, and with GPS, provides accurate directions and POIs, as well as out-of-route warnings. It gives statistics at the end.

    • Jeff back AGAIN. Watch Series 2 has more colour options in aluminium. Now it also comes in pearl white ceramic. Four times as hard as stainless steel. HERMES model, and HERMES bands. Watch is also built in an environmentally friendly way. They expect it to be universally popular, but especially popular for runners.

    • Nike partnership to improve cachet with runners. Apple Watch Nike+ edition, with lightweight rubbery band. Trevor Edwards (president of Nike branding) on stage. More people are getting into fitness. People are using devices specifically for running, but these dedicated devices are clunky. The Nike+ Watch is better for them, they say. The UX is much simpler than the dedicated devices. Personalized motivation for running, relying on time since last run, friends, and weather. Sunday is apparently a very good day to run? Nike+ is a personalized service for running. The Nike+ edition also comes in different colours.

    • Jeff finished the third delegation. Series 2 comes at 369$, including the Nike+. The original Watch is also getting the S2 SIP, as Series 1, at 269$. September 16, Nike+ late October.

    • Back to Tim. iPhone. The bar for smartphones, a device known by all. 1B iPhones sold. Software, service, and hardware integration is what makes them a leader. iOS 10 will be releasing soon, and a major release, with lift to wake, Siri as an API, machine learning keyboard, Maps improvements with APIs too, and HomeKit. HomeKit promises to cut the Gordian knot of home automation, with a tightly integrated (with Siri and control centre) universal app and API. Every kind of device and every major make supports it. If it has a HomeKit badge, it’ll “just work” with HomeKit. Messages is also a thing, with cartoonish messaging features available, in case you were nostalgic for MSN Messenger. Payments and other tasks can be completed without leaving messages.

    • New iPhone. iPhone 7. New design. Jony on stage. Fluff video. Aluminium body and sheet of glass. Camera bump, again. Aerial is integrated into the body, so no lines. It comes in black again! It’s very glossy and shiny, but it’s BLACK! Anodized aluminium, with very fancy dye and polishing bath. tl;dr: It’s shiny and everything blends into each other.

    • Phil “iPhone God” Schiller on stage. 10 features.

      1. Design: The process and resulting colour is a high-gloss is called “Jet Black.” Stainless steel logo and very line lines. The camera bump are machined out of the normal body. Now there’s also a normal black, that’s not glossy and normal aluminium. Silver, gold, and rose gold are standard as well.

      2. Home button improvements. It does a lot of stuff. More customization available for it. Now it uses pressure sensitivity and haptic feedback instead of mechanical clicking. Improved haptics “Taptic Engine” were designed for this home button and everything else, even ringtones. Haptic APIs.

      3. New body. Water and dust resistant. New seals, IP67 standard.

      4. Camera. iPhone cameras are top tier. OIS in both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Wider aperture f/1.8 giving 50% more light. Six element lens. High-speed sensors, 60% faster and 30% more power efficient. True tone flash with quad LEDs with 50% more light. It can compensate for flickering ambient lights. Improved DSP. Twice the throughput of pictures. DSP is capable of machine learning for facial recognition, white balance, noise reduction, etc. It can also stitch burst images. 100B operations in 25ms, it seems. Photographers are raving about it, and it reminds them of film. Examples of pictures taken with iPhone 7, with no retouching. Many are showing the wide gamut and fast speed of the camera. Live photos have many of these improvements applied, and now they can be edited, and there’s also now a Live Photo API. Raw DNG images can be taken. Wide colour gamut APIs. 7MP front-facing camera with many improvements from the back back-ported, like stabilization. (ha!) Phil REALLY loves cameras. On iPhone 7 Plus, they added a second 12MP camera right adjacent to the other. One has a wide-angle lens, one has a telephoto lens. Because you can’t have telescopic lens like a dedicated camera, you can just have two cameras with differently zoomed lenses. Just go to the camera app and you can change the zoom like normal, but it’s optical. Beyond 2X, it’s software zoom. It goes to 10X software zoom, assisted by the 2X optical zoom. More demo pictures. One more hard thing. Shallow depth of field gets you bokeh, giving a 3D illusion. Using the dual cameras on iPhone 7 Plus, you can get this effect too, just like a high-end camera. It’s done with software. Portrait mode in the camera is the option for this, and its automatic and in real time. This effect will come in a later software update.

      5. Retina HD display. 25% brighter, wide gamut, cinema standard, colour management, and 3D touch. Instagram guy coming up. Instagram stories integrate into the iOS 10 quick actions and 3D touch. Live Photos API usage is shown. New filters take advantage of colour space beyond sRGB.

      6. Audio. Speakers are popular amongst people with hearing, for a variety of purposes. Stereo speakers for the first time on an iPhone. One bottom, one top. Best in landscape. Twice as loud as the 6S. Improved range.

      7. EarPods. The most popular… and now over lightning. You thought Bluetooth? Nope! Lightning gives you digital audio and better controls. 900M accessories using Lightning. They’re showing third-party headphone using Lightning. Lightning earbuds in the box. They are also making a 3.5mm adapter and that’s in the box too. But Apple, WHY, you ask? Three reasons. But the #1 is courage, they state. (You laugh.) #2 is there’s not enough room in the device. #3 is improved audio.

      8. Wireless. Better wireless audio. They’re meeting the challenges, but which ones? AirPods. Fluff video. They come with a small charging cradle. W1 chip? IR sensors detect usage. Accelerometers detect taps, allowing Siri usage. Beamforming stereo mics reduce noise. 24 hour battery. Easy connection and device switching. Supposedly, moves the wireless future. Open the box, hit connect, it “just works.” And it also connects it to your watch as well. iCloud continues to propagate to your other Apple devices, including Macs No pairing process. Audio routing is automatic. Clarified: 5 hour in the AirPods, but the case is the charger providing 24 hours of charge. The case has a lightning connector, for charging both. New Beats headphones with the same chip and software.

      9. Apple Pay. Major success. More countries coming, including Japan. In Japan, they use a variation of NFC called Felica. iPhone 7s and Watch Series 2 will include this tech. Apple Pay and Apple Maps transit in Japan will come out in October.

      10. . Performance. Apple is the top dog in smartphone SoCs. A10 Fusion SoC. 64-bit quad-core, 3.3B transistors. 2 high-performance cores that run 40% faster than A9. 120X faster than iPhone 2G. The other two cores are power efficiency, that runs at 1/5 speed. This is like a big.LITTLE configuration. Power management will ensure proper distribution depending on workload. Better graphics, 50% faster than A9. 2/3 of power usage of A9. 240X graphics performance over iPhone 2G. Fastest mobile SoC yet. Console-level graphics on an iPhone, in addition to using the new display, touch, and sound features. Lightroom on A10 Fusion also gives you desktop-level features as well. Live demo of a game. Heather price of ThisGamesStudio on stage giving it. Advanced graphics effects and environment destruction, all on an ARPG played on an iPhone. The Metal API and A10 allow high flying monkeys per second, up to 400 Monkeys/Second. Phil back. Improved battery life, especially in the Plus variation. Longest battery life in an iPhone yet. 2 hours longer than 6S average, 1 more than 6S+ on average.

    • Summing up the 7. Improved LTE. the 7+ gets the dual camera and even wider gamut. Environmentally friendly to make and recycle. Fluff video. New accessories like cases, docks, and AirPods. Cost? Same as the 6S. 649$. All storage configurations are doubled. 32 GB is the new baseline, with with 128 and 256 options. Jet Black does not come in 32 GB, however. The storage on 6S options are also upgraded. On installment plans. 27 and 32 a month for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, respective. 32$/month iPhone Upgrade Program. People who subscribed are eligible to upgrade.. UK and China now have it too. Release date is September 9th., shipping on the 16th. Many countries will be launched on the first week, and the rest a week later. iOS 10 on the 13th. The AirPods will ship in October at 159$.

    • Tim back. Summing up. Thanks Apple engineers. Stand up for them. The venue they’re at is also known for concerts. There’s a concert coming up. The artist’s single premiered exclusively on Apple Music. Sia to perform her single live for the first time.

    • Femtoconcert over. There’s a hands-on area if you’re there. Thank you!


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      Thank you

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        Tim Cook singing was peak cringe for me. I had to switch windows until that segment was over.

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        The biggest mystery I see is W1. If that’s a closed protocol or reworking of bluetooth… It’s definitely an… interesting move. The lag on bluetooth devices can become borderline hysterical (worst I’ve seen is the amazon tap) so if:

        • jitter
        • latency
        • bandwidth
        • pairing

        can be pulled off by a proprietary extension to bluetooth or proprietary wireless protocol, this could have real meaning. If it’s just a really good bluetooth 4.1 implementation then, that’s probably great, but if it’s more of a power play, then we’ll see how the rest of the industry responds.

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          My guess is Bluetooth with a proprietary protocol. (Bluetooth has enough bandwidth, but Bluetooth audio profiles are very lossy.) It works on Macs and any iOS device with version 10, and those don’t have any super strange radios. In addition, there’s likely some strange pairing going on.

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            With a bit more reporting out I still haven’t seen specifics. It is known that Bluetooth 5 is launching in late 2016 or early 2017. By some measures we are in late 2016, so perhaps it’s bluetooth 5 or upgradable. https://www.bluetooth.com/news/pressreleases/2016/06/16/-bluetooth5-quadruples-rangedoubles-speedincreases-data-broadcasting-capacity-by-800

            At any rate I’m fine on the S release cycle, when they bring back the 3.5mm jack… right… right?

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              Again, it goes all the way back to the iPhone 5, and supports Macs will well-documented BT controllers.

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          Requirements: Live streaming uses Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology. HLS requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later, or a PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Streaming via Apple TV requires an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with software 6.2 or later or an Apple TV (4th generation).

          If only cross-devices/OS streaming technologies would exist /s. I guess they really don’t want people on Linux or BSD to watch their streams…

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            VLC or mplayer should work once they put up the HLS URL. Me or someone else will place it here when it does start.

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            Another good source during these events is MacRumours‘ “live” Twitter account.

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              Nintendo games on iOS? Never thought I’d see the day.