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    Who Invented ‘Zero’? math nytimes.com

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    This article reads like one of those ClickHole satires where the author can’t stop inserting random interjections into an otherwise normal story. It has almost nothing to do with the history of zero; that is just a disposable vehicle for the author’s directionless political ramblings.

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      Yeah, the NatGeo piece to which it links is considerably better and not filled with political frivolities: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/09/origin-zero-bakhshali-manuscript-video-spd/

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        As I often do, clicking to the comments first… (Now not going to read the article.) Must politics intrude on everything? Even an article with the math tag? More anecdotes feeding my confirmation bias about the NY Times is not making me a better person.

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        Think of it. The companies will use the indigenously developed resource of zeros and ones (the Arabs got their numerals from India, after all), package them into new services and products, and sell them back.

        What an axe to grind.

        India has lived through such irony before. The British Empire took her raw cotton and sold it back as finished garments, destroying the local textile industry and helping lower India’s share of the world gross domestic product to 3 percent from 23 percent.

        This isn’t the whole story. The British levied tariffs on Benghali textiles while the new British textile industry boomed, which shut Indian textile manufacturers out of England. But if British goods outcompeted Indian goods in India, it was due to comparative advantage (this was, of course, not helped by India’s deindustrialization due to those strangling tariffs).