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    Trackbacks are back!

    Serious question: What is better about Webmentions?

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      The protocol is slightly simpler, but otherwise *back, *mention, they all boil down to the same function.

      Webmention is often paired with other good things, like microformats support, but of course that’s a separate thing.

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        Ah! Thanks! I’m very curious why there’s a brand new spec, with new name, that only slightly deviates in functionality… but this is (probably) a social issue that goes way beyond this spec in particular.

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          It really is much simpler. Instead of messing around with XMLRPC it’s just a single HTTP POST request. it does a really good job reusing parts of the web too, so it just feels more webby. I found it extremely easy to implement :-)

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            Oh, great! I’ll have to read it in more detail. It’s been a long time since I thought about XMLRPC, and completely forgot that Trackback relied on it.

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        Trackback is the oldest one. It did not say anything about verifying that the source actually links to the target, making spam extremely trivial.

        Pingback is the Wordpress XML-RPC one. Pretty much no one implemented useful presentation of pingbacks, just Wordpress’s useless default snippets. Eventually got overrun with Wordpress spam (with actual links).

        Webmention comes from a community of people who actually care about this stuff, which leads to useful presentation of different types of responses, anti-spam solutions, propagating responses-to-responses back to the source, integration with Twitter/Facebook/etc., interaction with Mastodon/Hubzilla

        And there’s Linked Data Notifications from people who believe that this is the Year of RDF on the Web :)

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        This is perfect timing. I was just wondering about how to add webmention to my mostly static site.

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          Glad to be of service <3