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    It would be cool if this was an always-on filter in the monitor or display driver, so that it worked for all content, and all software.

    I wonder if better mitigations could be implemented. Lowering of contrast of the entire screen is quite disruptive. Would it work if it applied a kind of motion blur instead, that is a low-pass filter for brightness? (allow small changes in brightness, and gradually blend or skip over bigger changes).

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      This gets easier when going HDR as the luminance range gets reported per frame by the producer(s) as part of the metadata in order for the right backlight parameter, tone mapping and so on. I’m using a simplified version per-client for SDR contents to force-invert colours or zero-out and step up global backlight on the initial frames of newly launched applications to reduce the ‘flashbang’ risk. Useful both for late night comfort and for AR glasses setups.

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      this is a really big deal, I’ve been hoping for years that somebody would do this