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    I liked this page: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jonathan.deboynepollard/Softwares/nosh/bsd-service-command.html

    I mean, who doesn’t love it when services start logging messages in the preferred language of whichever admin last restarted them?

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      Many sounds like bugs in the service(8) implementation on FreeBSD.

      I’m also profoundly surprised that nobody thought to clear out the environment, let alone close file descriptors. But FreeBSD’s rc gets even more ridiculous, in that they explicitly preserve the environment when starting their daemons with su(1).

      It seems that OpenBSD’s rc clears out the environment (last line), but does not close open file descriptors, or at least that I could find.

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      I use s6, and other than a few rough edges I’m an enormous fan. Does nosh work with s6? Replace it? Anyone have any relevant experience to share with someone familiar with s6?