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      This is about blog. Not about release. I thought both links are for two different purpose.

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        When they’re about the same event or responses to each other, we try to keep them to one thread. It keeps the discussion together for those interested and redundant links off the page for those who aren’t. If you have multiple links at once, pick whichever is the best intro to submit and put the others in the story text, or leave a comment with them if they show up a couple days later.

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      Cloud-focused programming languages are an interesting and to me at least a paradigm where object-orientation makes a bit more sense. Does Ballerina have hot reloading? Could client code modify server code during production?

      Not anything important, but one thing I really, really don’t understand are the semicolons, are we not past having semicolons as line delimiters? It always makes me ponder what exactly the developers expect us to squeeze onto one line, which in a way doesn’t personally bode well for the language design (in this case everything seems really well-designed so I shan’t pass judgement without giving it a go).

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        release might be a good fit here, and programming is usually superseded by any more specific tag (compilers or api for example).