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    I recently put (i386) OpenBSD 6.3 on an old Fujitsu Lifebook with 64 mb of RAM and a Transmeta Crusoe processor. It worked fine, mostly but was just too slow and it took nearly 2 minutes to boot due to the relinking of kernel objects(?). Unfortunately I kind of gave up after that and currently use Debian 9 on it it (which only takes about 30 seconds to boot from power off). I don’t use X on it. Just console C++11 development.

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      I’ve noticed that systemd-based OSes really scream at booting. That, coupled with lack of dead simple power management and the slow fsck times, keeps me using Debian on laptops.

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      That’s an… interesting bio:

      IT Guy: Java, Android, Flutter. Parent of 3 (2 living).