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Most people using bash are familiar with piping: this is the ability to direct the output of one process to the input of another allowing the second process to work on data as soon as becomes available. What is not so well known is that piping is a particular case of a more general and powerful inter process communication system bash gives us.


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    I know others will disagree, but I find 500px unreadably narrow, and couldn’t find where to turn it off in the inspector.

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      In the Chrom{e,ium} inspector, expand the body, click on the site-wrapper div then uncheck the width: 500px style, then expand the site-wrapper div and click on the core-content div and uncheck the width there too.

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        These steps should work in inspector tool of any browser these days.

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      I’ve always wondered if anyone here has had hands-on experience with CMS Pipelines. The conceptual model described is tempting, but all of the examples I’ve found are wrapped in heavy amounts of REXX, so it’s hard for me to tell how much they enhanced the typical pipeline.