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    To be clear, our goal is not to abandon OmniOS, but to divest OmniTI from the open source project in order to spur others to participate more.

    This sounds like a distinction without a difference to me. Are there any examples of open source communities where this approach has been successful?

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      The illumos project itself is a pretty good example. When Oracle took the deeply distasteful step of re-closing the Solaris source base, they basically left a vacuum in which a community of other people and companies were forced to step up and take over maintenance. Under the Sun umbrella, there was not a great framework for outside ownership and participation; it was too easy to just let Sun pay for everything, and too hard to get involved.

      Today, though OmniOS is obviously on hard times, there are other successful distributions like SmartOS that are doing just fine. I’m not convinced that would be true if Oracle had not slammed the door in our faces.