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I’m asking because I had a submission of mine downvoted as spam. I normally don’t submit posts from my blog, but a lot of people seemed to like my post (someone I don’t know posted it to HN, and it made it to the front page there), so I figured the audience here might be interested, too.

If someone doesn’t like my writing, that’s fine; not everyone likes the same thing. But I think it’s a reach to call it spam, unless there’s an unwritten (or written?) rule about not submitting your own posts.


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    I would encourage people to submit links to things they’ve written, as long as they’re not blogspam or off-topic for the tags chosen.

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      FWIW, I’ve posted stuff I’ve written a couple times. I’m surprised someone marked your post as spam.

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        I’ve also submitted my own posts without a problem. Sorry your post got marked as spam, but don’t let that discourage you from submitting your own stuff in the future.