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    Bizarre choice to market an OSS project first and foremost as “better than this other terrible project”.

    Alternative suggestion: remove any ref to Urbit and let it die in obscurity. Say what the project does and why it works better than previous attempts at solving the problem without crapping on specific competing projects.

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      Tibru is an alternative to the nonsense that is the Urbit project. […] It also suffers from academic elitism […]

      This is unrelated to the project, but I always notice that people complaining about $BAD_PERSONALITY_TRAIT typically display the same tendencies themselves.

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        I suppose your pointing out hypocrisy exposes you as a hypocrite then!

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          This might be partly because of confirnation bias - you’re primed to be on the lookout for hints of such behavior, so you’re more likely to recognize it.

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            The word might in here is really important. That said, I applaud anything that raises awareness of cognitive biases. Especially confirmation bias and especially in this day and age.

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          This seems like it’s an alternative not to Urbit as an entire system, but specifically to Nock, the lambda-calculus-like formalism for expressing computation in Urbit. That’s an interesting computer science exercise, and reading about how Urbit uses Nock has made me interested in trying to create something like this myself (although I can’t say I’ve actually sat down and done it).

          But this project doesn’t seem to have gotten to implementing alternative versions of a lot of things about Urbit that are interesting, like the notion of cryptographically-owned address space. That’s understandable, it’s taken a team of people quite a few person-years of development effort to get Urbit to where it is today, which is still very much an in-development system. And going “above and beyond” what is possible in Nock doesn’t seem like a particularly useful exercise in making a better overall system to me - Nock is basically a functional assembly language that people aren’t expected to directly program in most of the time. Swapping it out for a different formal language with slightly different semantics doesn’t seem all that useful to me (except, again, as an exercise in theoretical computer science).

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            It’s a shame this hasn’t been developed further in the last three years.

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              I’m not surprised. Most “X alternative” projects I’ve seen over the years usually die after the author inevitably loses interest. Cydia, Yandere Simulator, ffmpeg, the list goes on.

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                I dunno I wouldn’t say ffmpeg died

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                  I’m talking about libav

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                To be that person, I have no trust in a project that explicitly calls out the “nonsense that is the urbit project” without at all mentioning the nonsense that is it’s ideological foundation in far right reactionary thought.

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                  far right reactionary thought

                  Wouldn’t reactionary thought eschew solutions using technology at their core? I think they identify as neoreactionary for this reason…

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                    Exactly. And the first two paragraphs don’t even tell me what exactly this project is about.

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                    Looks a bit interesting, but I’m not sure how sustainable it is to make a project’s premise be that it’s not as bad as another project.

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                      The project it is reimplementing is amazingly obtuse in its terminology.

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                        That’s actually one of the things that interested me about Urbit — that it’s both a mysterious near-impenetrable tangle with its own lingo, and an actual piece of engineering. I’m a hardheaded engineer who’s also fascinated by weird literature (ahem, Borges), outsider art and Surrealism, so that was candy to me. Most everything else I’ve ever found that appears to have that combination of attributes is either satire, or the work of cranks and/or psychotics.

                        Of course in this case the creator turned out to be a rather nasty alt-right shithead, whose anti-democratic ideas seem to have infected the architecture of Urbit, and that pretty much turned me off. (Kudos to some Lobsterians for convincing me of this.j

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                      It looks somewhat interesting, but I wish it had its own description of what it is for. I’m not familiar with Urbit, and googling it didn’t help all that much.