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Currently, The Nexus 6P/5X have been announced, with improved cameras, fingerprint sensors, and battery life improvements.

Android 6 offers context-sensitive Google Now, animation improvements, and applications can use Now voice control.

There is now an extended warranty program for Nexii, and improvements to Google Play, such as family plans and improvements to photos. These improvements include grouping photos via machine learning and shared albums.

Chromecast is improved with preloading, better audio support, and a smaller size.

There is a new Pixel C tablet - a convertible, with a mostly-full-size keyboard.


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    Please don’t post product press releases and what effectively amounts to advertising here.

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        Change the link? These are useful I think.

        Or Ars, to pick a site. Mostly text summary without the giant images. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/09/google-announces-the-lg-nexus-5x-and-huawei-nexus-6p/

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        That video link is set to ‘private.’

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          Probably weirdness as they changed from livestream to normal video.