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    This post only links to the newly released source code via the YouTube video’s description, so here’s a direct link: GitHub – WolfireGames/overgrowth

    I remember commenting on the developer’s blog many years ago to suggest that they open source the game engine they were working on. They had responded that they didn’t see the point, since the engine would be so specialized to their specific game. I’m glad they changed their minds eventually.

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      You can read more about the game here. In short, it’s a realtime 3D fighting/platforming game with a skeletal simulation system that makes for short, intense battles. Came out a while ago, saw a bit of hype. Excited me personally. Thought others might want to see the source for a somewhat unusual 3D game.

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        I haven’t followed for a while, but I really loved the overgrowth alpha dev logs and watched them religiously for a long time. I think I can credit those videos with opening my horizons from backend engineering into exploring games & graphics. It’s so great to hear that you’re open sourcing the code, and I think this is a fantastic thing to do for game developers.

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          Historical tidbit: when the game was first being developed, the developer called this game engine “Phoenix Engine”. That name doesn’t appear in the announcement post or in the code’s README, but I still see a few mentions of that term within the codebase.