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Direct link to PDF file: https://cdn.coverstand.com/33057/651491/78146c07c4ee89376671cf0609e0551ebb4db492.1.pdf

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      Let’s use a small device like PC Engines APU2 (4 core AMD GX-412TC SOC 1Ghz, 4GB of RAM). On this device, how many jails executing a real process can we start?



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        With 4 GB RAM 1000 FreeBSD Jails is possible:


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          Yes, from the article:

          The current system limit of this test is due to 4GB of RAM consumed by all the bird processes.

          Where bird is the application which is run inside the jails for the test. See https://bird.network.cz/

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      Thank you for linking to the direct PDF. It was on my todo list to get and read, but I kept putting it off, as it’s a PITA to download.

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        No problem, I will try to remember to put every episode here.