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    Google should not be shady, but ugh… entitled much?

    This meant that ProtonMail’s income from users was also cut by 25%, putting financial pressure on our operations. We went from being able to cover all our monthly expenses to having to draw from our emergency reserve fund. The lost income and financial damage incurred as a result was several hundred thousand Swiss Francs (1 CHF = 1.01 USD), which will never be reimbursed.

    Business profits are not a basic human right.

    Also, if growing slower (but still growing!) causes you to start losing money, maybe you should spend some more time looking at your ledger. Let me see if I have this right.

    1. They were making a profit.

    2. They grew, somewhat slowly.

    3. They started losing money.

    That makes it sound like growth is negatively correlated with profits. Are we sure they shouldn’t be thanking Google for preventing them from growing faster and losing even more money?

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      I’m a bit confused about how that math worked out as well. Is it that they were spending money for capacity planning faster than they were growing to fill it or something?

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        Startpage gets their results from Google. They’re hardly competition as they pay Google for the privilege and Google can pull the plug on them any time they want.

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            DuckDuckGo seems to be the go-to recommendation.

            There’s also searx which is a personal search engine that you can install yourself and it pulls results from various sources and APIs. I’ve never tried it though.

            Outside of Yandex and Baidu which serve specific regions, two of the three major players (out of Google, Yahoo, Bing) are punchlines, so there’s absolutely a lack of viable competition.