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    This looks cool,.

    When I’m debugging I don’t really want to tail my local computer’s syslog (which has nothing to do with my app) and I don’t want to hardcode a different one.

    Also: With my sysadmin hat on, I definitely prefer to configure these sorts of things with environment variables instead of trusting the programmer (writing the server that uses rconsole) to know what log levels I’m monitoring and so on.

    Maybe you could make it possible to simply recommend people do something like:

    npm install -g rsyslog
    node -r rsyslog server.js

    and have rsyslog figure out what settings to use from the environment:

    • fd 1 is a tty? write to standard output, enabling debugging LOG_PERROR and etc.
    • Maybe get facility from LOG_FACILITY environment variable (default to 0)

    You could also check isWorker and enable LOG_PID automatically.

    What do you think?