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    … Is it April 1st already?

    I don’t even know where to begin.

    That the proposed physically-based RNG appears to be simultaneously more complicated and less random than existing such systems?

    That there seems to be profound confusion between one-way functions and random number generation?

    That you can zoom way out and squint and SEE the famous Lena photograph in Figure 4 (in the blue supposed cipher)?

    I stopped skimming at that point. Help? What the heck even happened in this paper? Is it one of those Markov-chain produced papers?

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      TRNG’s are a solved problem. Cheaply solved, too, with principles any EE can understand. Doing more work on them is a waste of time unless it’s an optimized or new implementation. New as in, for example, we ported whole SoC to new node with it just coming along for the ride.

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        … Why do Bob and Alice have the same private key??