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    Actually excited about this. I always wanted to know how real local first apps were built where all updates are done locally and then synced later using something like CRDTs. Replicache seems like a great tool for this.

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      I’ve been using gnucash for nearly two decades, but the more alternatives the better.

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        … and they stop their hosting service. But open source doesn’t mean end of business. It looks like the author is burned out, but I wonder if they thought about keeping their current users (and not allowing for more if it’s too much work, but redirecting towards (future) alternative hosts). He might enjoy running a side activity with less (financial) pressure.

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          Keeping the service running and getting compensated for it means being accountable for support and uptime. I can understand the author wanting to turn it off if he isn’t living off it. That’s actually an opportunity for someone else to offer hosting service I suppose.