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    Just some honest thoughts:

    People spend a lot of time these days talking about ‘Engineering Environments’ failing to support diversity. And that these failures are rampant in the valley. I agree with these sentiments. But I found reading her section on ‘How did our engineering environments end up biased?’ to feel like a broken record player.

    I think people should stop writing these posts. I think people should focus on getting together with fellow engineers who feel the same way as them, and build companies with the cultures they believe in. If you want change, fight for the change you want, thats how this world works. Support founders who are fighting for engineering cultures that support diversity and work life balance by helping them build the best products and businesses in the industry.

    2 cents.

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      Reading these posts is how people know what to support. Writing them is essential to the process. Writing lots of them and getting people saturated in them is, too. What looks inescapable to those in an echo chamber is often the thing that is only just getting noticed in the mainstream. Also, solely private (and therefore quiet) support does not spread well and gets squashed easily.

      Pushing back against those who document our troubles is counter-productive. It inhibits the growth of corrective movements right as they need it the most.

      Another good reason to support this kind of work is that people who do not support the changes that you and I want say things just like what you’ve said. Everybody supporting the status quo has lots to say about how people moving for change are doing it wrong! Somehow, it’s never quite good enough.

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        Personally I really like her “Why” answer.

        The environments we work in can be pretty toxic, and are harming even the most alpha of males. (Just count the levels of obesity, stress, type two diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety…. around you). (Yes, all that _is_related, read Robert Sapolsky’s “Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers” to get the science behind that statement).

        So it is not just a “Gender Issue”. It is a quality of life issue for all of us.