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    That was an amazing read and I am in awe of byuu’s skill and dedication.

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      Thank you so much ^-^

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        Man this community is so cool because authors regularly pop up in the comments about their own software.

        People like you are hard to come by though, you’re awesome.

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          Thank you so much for your work, I love your take on it as your life’s work. These games will still be fun to play 100 years from now.

          I remember reading a year ago about some improvements you (or others?) made in upscaling bsnes to HD displays and still need to update my RasPi to pull in a recent version with those changes. My brain hurts every time I see my kid playing Mario Kart with the terrible shimmering!


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            It doesn’t look like RetroPie has pulled in the latest bsnes. In fact, development of RetroPie seems to have halted a year ago… :-( https://github.com/libretro/bsnes-libretro

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              That fork is not intended to be current, and even changed its library name to bsnes2014. Upstream bsnes supports libretro by itself now, which is probably the reason that fork is semi-abandoned.

              development of RetroPie seems to have halted a year ago

              RetroPie/EmulationStation last commit was yesterday, RetroPie-Setup two days ago??

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                Thanks for the pointers but commits don’t matter if they aren’t shipping to users. I’m referencing https://retropie.org.uk/news/ where the latest release announcement was 9 months ago and the forum also doesn’t seem to have threads from 2020.

                I’m going through the steps to install Lakka instead, which appears to have modern bsnes support baked in.

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                  Retropie has an update menu in the UI, so these commits are making it to users who run updates.