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Previously discussed here: https://lobste.rs/s/zd8b6p/typst_programmable_markup_language_for

Posting to let people know they released the compiler.

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      First impressions (CLI version) are really good. Fast compile times with --watch, easy font management (meaning I get the same results as with fc-match "font name", easier to understand language (to me anyway) than latex macros for doing more complex things, and a more modern-feeling markdownish language for the plain text parts.

      Now that I don’t use latex regularly, it feels like a chore to do anything with it, but I didn’t know of a good replacement, but I think it’s here now, for my current needs anyway.

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      The embedded computation looks like a trap which will make papers harder to reproduce. Is there support for directly embedding scripts from other languages?

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        There are built-in ways to use JSON data. I think for complex or expensive computations, users could leverage their preferred language, output JSON, and then pick it up as input in Typst.

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        I don’t know, I hope so, and someone has asked at https://github.com/typst/typst/issues/117

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      Following this project now. Last week I helped a scientist friend make some latex tables. Looks great, but there is a bit of a learning curve and took longer than I wanted. I was thinking that there should be something just like this using markdown or something. More programmatic.

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      Looks nice, though I half wish math input would use Unicode symbols more, with appropriate editor support, like the Agda mode in Emacs.

      Other wish items: HTML output, Pandoc reader and writer.

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      What’s the editor support like? I assume the best thing to do would be create a tree-sitter grammar for this, unless it already exists?

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        Not an answer to your question, but related: they also develop an online collaborative editor that looks very interesting: https://typst.app/

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        I suspect that the moment Helix supports this format, I will start converting all my notes from Markdown.

        I absolutely love the look of this, it seems to be everything I’ve dreamt of in a LaTeX replacement. The web UI is really nice too, although it seems to be struggling a bit under the load post launch announcement.

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          Are you writing lots of markdown in Helix? Whenever I try, I get annoyed by the lack of soft wrap. I suspect I’d have the same problem writing LaTeX or Typst with Helix.

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            Helix has soft wrap in HEAD since #5893 was merged two weeks ago. If you run nightly, just add editor.soft-wrap.enable = true to your config. Else of course wait for the next release, though I don’t know if there are plans yet for when it will drop.

            Oh, and according to (nightly)hx --health, Helix doesn’t support Typst yet. I guess it will be added quickly once there is a tree sitter for it.

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              Oh wow, that’s great news! This could definitely change my workflow.

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            Personally I always use :reflow or pipe to fmt to hard wrap lines when I write Markdown. But it’s also good to hear that soft wrap is coming soon!

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        Nonexistent :’]

        Honestly the syntax is not the worst thing to write without highlighting, but I’d love an $EDITOR plugin.