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    Hi there, I’m one of the lead devs on JMP.chat and just wanted to add to this excellent piece that we also support voice over XMPP directly, so using a separate SIP app as is done here is optional (but certainly an option some people really like).

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      Hey thanks. I got your e-mail; will try to add an Updated banner later this week with some of the stuff you brought up. Thanks for reaching out!

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      I did the same thing but moved my Google Voice to Anveo. It also supports SIP and although the UI is pretty ugly, it has amazing call flow integrations features, especially for the price. I moved because Google has a history of unpredictably closing (a) services, (b) accounts, and (c) is infamous for the inability to reach anyone when you have a problem. That’s not a good profile for a service running a phone line that is in any way critical.

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        oh neat. I haven’t heard of Anveo. How does SMS work? From their website it seems like SMS is only over a web interface? Do they have an API or gateway?

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          They have SMS-to-email but also have an API, yeah. It’s a bit buried, but their killer feature to me is in their call flow WYSIWYG designer: webhooks on call events, and you can pull dynamic audio from a URL. I actually had it pull an MP3 from my server, but the MP3 URI actually pointed to some PHP code that hooked into IBM’s TTS API and would tell me the time or the weather. Fun stuff.