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    Not sure why the DHCP config is not done from rc.conf (it’s just adding ‘DHCP’ to the arguments in the ifconfig_{adaptor name} line), manually running dhclient is not something that I’ve ever done except when debugging connection problems on FreeBSD.

    Setting REPO_AUTOUPDATE=no seemed very odd. I really hate the fact that, on Debian-based systems, I need to remember to run apt update before apt install or apt upgrade, the pkg default is the opposite and will automatically re-fetch the package database (which is very fast) when you do an operation. Changing this default can also lead to problems where you do pkg ins something and the local database tells you that the package set contains something-1.0 but now the package set has something-1.0.1 and so the install fails because it fails to find the real thing.

    This was kind of a pain, oss didn’t want to work for undisclosed reasons. Too lazy to install sndio. So I went the easy way and just installed pulseaudio

    I honestly don’t know what this means. All of the other things are layers on top of OSS. If OSS doesn’t work, then none of the others will work.

    So to create the zpool that I want to be mounted in /storage, I ran the following commands (as root)

    That’s a very confusing statement. Zpools are not mounted anywhere. ZFS filesystems are mounted in places and a zpool contains zero or more filesystems.

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      I feel like the title is false advertising. Not much loathing and distinct lack of fear in the text. I’d say, overall a fairly typical experience with a modern *nix system be it a BSD, or a popular Linux distro.

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        It’s just riffing off of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” as a title. I don’t think it was meant to “advertise” anything, content-wise.