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    Hidden behind a nondescriptive title is a fun little post about the author recreating some of the most frustrating parts of 80’s adventure games, coupled with an entertaining writing style.

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      “Fun” and “entertaining” don’t do it justice. The consistently deadpan narrative is comedy gold.

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      Avoiding premature death is a process of not occupying the same space as fast-moving metal or motivated microbes. Living is mostly a series of repetitive and unrelated tasks.

      And the author was worried we’d doubt their liberal arts credentials

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        most important question: how did he get a warm pot of water from a coffee machine without putting water into it?

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          This was a conundrum for me as well. I believe he filled the pot with water and just put the pot into the brewer. Then, his coffee maker’s warmer simply warmed the water in the pot.

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          I like the writing in the article so much that I was interested in trying out the game (and maybe even looking at the book). Yet… there’s no link to the game. Still in progress, perhaps?