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    Hrmmm…a discussion of decentralization that ends with a “we’re leaving the newly unpopular walled garden for a fresh and trendy garden (please ignore those walls around you as you enter)”

    Adam and I were early adopters of Twitter Spaces, turning it into our Oxide and Friends podcast. We, like Tim, are leaving, and will be moving to Discord.

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      Which open source platform rivals Discord (or even Twitter Spaces) at the talkback radio format? Mastodon is at least a plausible replacement for Twitter in many respects, even if it has a long way to go to be accessible outside of technologist circles, but I’m not yet aware of a replacement that does what we’re doing with Discord (and is easy enough to get people to use).

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        Not sure I have a good suggestion, just was kind of a weird segue/wrap-up given the content of the article.

        I’m way behind on the podcast, so not even sure what the format is like right now, and I can’t say I’ve tried much in the space of possible replacements to comment on their relative merits… But I will point out that Discord seems particularly user-hostile even compared to the other centralized systems, and has gone on my “will not use” list.