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    Took me a bit to realize this was direct render m(something) and not digital restrictions management.

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      From the man page:

           drm, inteldrm, radeondrm  Direct Rendering Manager device
           The drm driver provides support for hardware accelerated video using the
           Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI).  drm provides kernel support for
           DRI, and is used in conjunction with the X(7) DRI module.
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        I took a look at the linked post and didn’t get that either. I frankly did think it was Digital “Rights” Management too, and was vaguely puzzled by the reference to graphics cards, and Linux, but figured it had something to do with playing restricted video?

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        Nice! This means that AMD Radeon RX 5000 series is now supported.

        I’m still using an old HD 6700. Would updating my video card improve things like web browser rendering?

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          With WebRender, sure (though, check the WR profiler — maybe you’re not GPU bottlenecked ever). With legacy GL layer compositing, barely. With fully software rendering, of course not.