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    I’m impressed. I didn’t expect the display system redesign to be ready this quickly.

    As for them porting chromium’s engine, that absolutely blindsided me. As far as I am aware, only the usual operating systems (*BSD, Linux, OSX, Windows) could do this until now.

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      Nice to see the screenshot of Falkon Browser featuring the MNT Reform! Here’s hoping that an ARM based SculptOS image is developed for the Reform!

      EDIT: I just found this: https://genode.org/documentation/release-notes/20.08

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        Yesterday, we released an update of Sculpt OS - our desktop Genode incarnation. Thus, getting some practical Genode experience is as easy as downloading the USB image, running it on a dedicated Intel PC or in VirtualBox (OVA is available), and fetching all the needed software packages directly in the live system with the integrated deployment tools. https://genode.org/download/sculpt

        Norman Feske also did a casual write-up of the new stuff in the current version. https://genodians.org/nfeske/2020-09-17-sculpt-os

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          Are genode people interested in writing new code in Rust instead of C++?

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            You’d have to port Rust, then ask them.

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              Someone did a drive-by port, but the language moved too much and it had to be removed.

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              I see quite a bit of interesting Ada/SPARK work.

              I haven’t tried it out myself, but I appreciate the emphasis on safety and formal verification.