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I found this story and after submitting half-jokingly thought there should be a fortran tag. It turns out that there is actually quite a lot of Fortran discussion going on (285 results!):


Compare for example with other topics we honor with a tag:

  • perl: 895 results
  • systemd: 645 results
  • elixir: 595 results
  • elm: 377 results
  • dotnet: 270 results

Admittedly by this measure Fortran is on the low side but there also isn’t a tag yet.


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    I was about to oppose it on probable rarity. You disprove that with numbers. Interestingly, even the votes on the comments are mostl good on newest links. Makes sense to propose it.

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      I’m in favor. Indirectly I work with fortran every day; it’s still at the heart of the biggest matrix operation libraries in the form of blas/lapack.

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          When I’m selecting tags for a submission I am always surprised by many tags. As you demonstrated there is a lot of tags that do not have much content behind them.

          The discussion around proprietary tag also reminds me of this.