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    I have used Gogs for some time now. Approved

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      What is 'Code review' on comparison table? Is this Pull request or issue system?

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        There are such things as workflows where, within a single repository, somebody checks over code at some variable-by-project point after it has been written and before it has been deployed.

        Generally not in open source. :)

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          Nice! thank you :+1:

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        no git tag?

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          I have an Ubuntu 32-bit server at home, does anyone know if there are third-party 32-bit Gogs binaries (since they only make 64-bit ones)?

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            I dont know of any 32 bit distributions unfortunally. But if it’s any consolidation, building gogs from source isn’t very difficult according to http://gogs.io/

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              I guess I’ll give that a go then. Thanks!