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    I work at Stripe if you have any questions not answered by the post.

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      Good article, also a good example of needlessly raising exceptions. Incorrect user input is not an exceptional event, handle it cleanly when it occurs.

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        I’m wondering, how would you handle it better (“cleanly”)? They currently do this:

        raise UserError.new("No charge #{id}!")

        The way I can think of to avoid using exceptions would be to just change raise to return:

        return UserError.new("No charge #{id}!")

        And then in some higher-level module, instead of

          # try to return a value
        catch UserError
          # format the error and return it

        , you would do

        returned_value = handle_the_given_api_call
        if returned_value.is_a?(UserError)
          # format the error before returning it
          # just return the value

        But what is the advantage of that?